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Christmas Presents to Kids

Year 2019

Christmas is known for many activities and events but one of the key Christmas activities is present buying.


Though more parents and grandparents are spending more on toys per kid than ever before, the toy industry faces an onslaught of challenges:

The result is that toy manufacturers have a fight on their hands:



Contingent on the ability to cement their own consumer bases on their brands



Contingent on capturing hard won market share, without having to overpay for it

The challenge: Surviving (and growing) in an era where every offering decision is critical, real loyalty is hard-won and potentially elusive, and consumers and buyers increasingly hold all the cards.


Talk to buyers about their kids’ wishes …

Kidz Global researched on the behaviors and attitudes during the Christmas period. Our approach is born out of decades of experience in major Market Research firms and is carried out at the highest level of professionalism.

The overall objective is to “examine the attitudes and behaviors of kids for selecting and getting their Christmas presents”. Christmas Presents to Kids will talk to buyers about their kids’ wishes.


The process of compiling a Wishlist and how “shopping online” may have changed it.

The impact that new technology has on toys’ share of the Wishlist, and how kids perceive and manage their bundle of requests.

The role of traditional and digital play in kids’ lives, with a look at the age at which parents notice a fall in interest in toys, as kids migrate towards all things including digital or sports, by category and gender, and even by size of family.

From a SHOPPER PERSPECTIVE we uncover…

The composition of Christmas gifts for kids, as planned and executed by parents, commissioning friends and family, and parents’ best sourcing know-how, to “deliver” the best possible Christmas bundle of gifts.

The value of Christmas gifts for kids, the share of spend and number of items per child in core categories of toys, video games, electronic equipment and consoles.


When the consumer is not the shopper, there’s often friction between wants and needs, between criteria and the influence of shopper targeted activity and consumer targeted media. Which prevails and when? The Christmas-to-Kids Report measures these dynamics, from the promotional activity in store (bricks and online), pre-shop to the entertainment licenses and brands which kids are exposed to.

content of the report

This report delves into the wants and desires of children over the Christmas period. Our research tracks 12 countries and covers children aged 0 – 14, and surveys both parents and kids.

Through 50 charts and graphs (about 50 pages), each country report takes many variables into account and provide actionable data points which are highly useful and easy to implement, across 6 main sections:


Executive Summary


Types of presents


About of presents


Requests by recipients


Shopper marketing



Data has been collected at the very beginning of January 2020.

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